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A fun, new way to wrap - with fabric! by
Surprisingly easy
  Makes wrapping fun
    Combines ancient tradition
        with California flair
         Adapts to any shape
            whether ball, book, or bottle

Gift & Home Décor
WrapTi is an ingenious product that anyone can use to turn fabric into a unique gift wrap or home décor. Simply take a square of fabric and put the object in the center; the WrapTi pulls it together.
What makes it so easy is the unique band that holds the fabric in place as you create each shape; and the attached tassel-cord or ribbon provides the finishing touch.



Zoo Collection - great fun for kids!
Designed for our solid cotton cloth, the Zoo Collection features wild and barnyard animals, from hippo to duck, with contrasting polka-dot ribbons.

Elegant Collection - for that special gift
WrapTi Elegant features a rich, silky fabric of glowing jewel-like colors. Made in Kyoto, this unique fabric is reversible, reusable, and can easily be made into roses, hearts, and other unique shapes. A gold cord and tassel is one more touch of elegance.

WrapTi is also available separately, so you can experiment with your own bandanas, napkins, or other types of fabric.

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