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Vase: Wine bottle wrapped with WrapTi
Flower arrangement: The Flower Girl in San Francisco, CA
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Here are answers to some of the questions we've been asked about our products. If you'd like to ask questions of your own, please go to our contact page.

  1. Are your products washable?
    Both the cotton and polyester fabrics are washable, preferably in cold water, by machine or hand. Tumble dry on low. You can iron cotton on high heat, but iron polyester with low heat and no steam. The cords and ribbons are not washable.

  2. Can any type of fabric be used with your designs?
    Yes, but fabric with some “crispness” or body is best. If you experiment with different fabrics, you’ll find that most cottons and linens will work well for all designs.

  3. Using your fabric, I followed the instructions of a few designs but they didn’t end up looking like your pictures. Can you tell me why?

    Most likely it was because the gift was too big or too small relative to the size of the fabric. A rough guideline is that the gift should be about 1/3 the diagonal length of the fabric, or a little less than half the width.

    Take Basic Wrap as an example. If the gift is too big, you won’t have enough fabric to make attractive petals, let alone ones long enough to tuck under the elastic band to make a flower (Fig. A). If the gift is too small, too much fabric comes through the elastic band, and you lose the proper petal shape and overwhelm the gift with extra fabric (Fig. B). If the gift and fabric are the right size, the package will look more like Fig. C

    A. Gift too big B. Gift too small
    C. Gift the right size
    If you find your gift is too small, shorten corners by tucking them into the elastic band or you can tuck corners fold up all corners and push tips into the band to make a flower.

  4. Why is WrapTi supposed to be better/easier than using regular wrapping paper?
    For several reasons:
    • Simpler: The Wrapping Kits come complete with fabric and WrapTi cord or ribbon, so you don’t need box, tissue paper, wrapping paper, scissors, or tape.
    • Reusable: Fabrics are washable and can be used many times, whereas paper is usually thrown away. Even the fabric drawstring bag they come in is reusable.
    • Greener: Because fabrics and cords can be used many times, they are considered greener.
    • More Adaptable: With WrapTi you can wrap even odd-shaped gifts, since the fabric is sturdy, flexible, and won’t tear.
    • More Fun and creative: You can surprise your friends with something new and either elegant (the jewel-toned reversible fabric) or funny (the animals) instead of just wrapping in the usual way like everyone else.

  5. Do you have any suggestions for other things I could easily use to make your designs?
    Yes, just look around your house. You could experiment with napkins, bandanas, handkerchiefs, or scarves. One fun idea is to decorate your dinner table with small favors enclosed in a WrapTi design, using napkins for the fabric. Depending on your event, you can go elegant with flower shapes, or have fun with different animals marching around your table. (Remember that a fabric with some body or crispness is best.)

    Making roses with table napkin
  6. Is fabric wrapping a new idea?
    No, fabric wrapping has been used all over the world for many centuries, both for carrying and storing everyday things and for wrapping special gifts. Japan is especially known for its wrapping fabrics, called furoshiki. They were used to wrap scrolls, tea bowls, and other treasures more than 1,200 years ago, and they became an integral part of daily life until the mid-1900’s, when plastic and paper bags began to take over at least the everyday functions. But recently, furoshiki have come back into favor, since they are reusable and considered much more green.

  7. Will you be stocking more colors of WrapTi fabric?
    Yes, we are planning to order more colors eventually. Please email us if you have any particular fabrics in mind.
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