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The Story of WrapTi

Old tradition now elegant, easy, and green!
I grew up in Japan where gifts are traditionally wrapped in beautiful, silky fabric called furoshiki. And great care is taken in the wrapping and presentation.

My own idea for WrapTi began with a bottle — so intricately wrapped in cloth that it looked like a tiny figure dressed in kimono. It fascinated me. But when I tried to duplicate the wrapping, I found the process tedious and time-consuming.

How could I update this tradition, I thought, make it easier to do, and with more modern colors? How could I make it fun? WrapTi turned out to be my answer. After experimenting with different fabrics and creating an accessory called Ti-band, WrapTi was born — fun, easy, elegant, adaptable, and reusable.

Pretty soon, we had three jewel-toned colors in different sizes, gold tassel-cords, and several flower and heart shapes for all types of gifts. These silky WrapTi fabrics became the Elegant Collection.

But soon a new idea percolated up. Waiting to pick up my son one day at school, I found a bandana in the car. With cloth in hand, clouds floating above in the California sky, and children in the playground, I too started to play. And that’s when the Zoo Collection began: brightly colored cotton cloths in animal shapes for all ages to make — pink elephants, red hippos, blue penguins, and more.

Please enjoy! For your next gift, use any of more than 20 designs on our web site, or create one of your own.


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